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New: Worldwide Agenda

The GayAGENDA is now open for events worldwide. Feel free to enter your favorite gay-friendly events. Organisers who host gay parties on a regular basis should please contact me for registration as hosts. Periodical events can be inserted automatically but we always need a responsible person who can tell us if the party is still on. Please tell us also if you found errors or changed venues.

I programmed this as a service for gays around the world. Please help us to maintain a useful service for local gays and tourist who appreciate an upto date listing to find a good place when they are in a foreign city.

We want to keep the gay scene alive, because we believe that it can give us much more than just the 1 by 1 dating that more and more replaces our clubs. Go out and have a good party. And also talk to people who do not have a dating profile!



HD Video streaming

Wir haben neu einen schnellen Video-Streaming-Server. Ihr könnt jetzt auch in der Gallery und in den Clubgalerien eure Videos hochladen, die in hoher Qualität gestreamt werden. Dank Streaming könnt ihr im Film hin und her springen ohne den ganzen Film zu laden. Der neue Player sollte auch auf iPhones funktionieren.

We have a new and fast video streaming server. You can now upload your videos to the gallery and the club galleries in high quality. Thanks to the streaming technology you can jump to any position of the movie without downloading all of it.


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It's not only to read blogs - you will get your own gay profile, own blogs and gallery albums and you can meet thousands of hot gays around the world. is a new, fast growing gay community made in Switzerland.

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