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LIMAX: Great Naked Dance Party in Berlin

Last Weekend we visited Berlin for a unique experience: A full naked techno party. And it was awesome!

People who follow my blog, know that I love to dance naked where ever I am allowed to. What can I say? I am just born like that: naked! And I just love the feeling of being nude and dance with no sweaty clothes sticking on my body. I love to feel the air on my skin. I love it, when other naked bodies touch me and I can feel their fresh hot sweat. It's the kind of erotic feeling that I experienced at my first gay parties in Zurich in a time where there were no straight rules regulating our amazing free underground club scene.

When my boyfriend and I do bigger private parties at home, it's still the same recipe: great techno music and hot naked bodies. But in the last years most public gay venues separated sex and music to please a younger, commercially oriented crowd that never learned to imagine a really hot erotic dance event.

Since gay parties follow straight rules, you must decide if you go either dancing, which includes getting drunk or high but keeping your clothes on, or you go for sex, which means online dating and fucking in a private home or cruising thru a dark maze of a sex club searching for a fuck but without dancing. This is not our original gay culture. This is only the limited straight imagination of fun without eroticism and hard porn without fun. A big step back in evolution!

For me eroticism and dancing cannot be separated. A hot body moving to the beat is an erotic expression and techno music is sex in my ears. Or even lube in my ass! Yes, sex without music hurts. And music without naked skin tastes like a hot dog without the sausage.

This summer we were on a gay cruise ship with two thousand gays. You could dance at endless parties, you could have sex in every cabin. You could be naked and play in special areas without music but if you wanted to take your pants off in the pool or dance nude at a party, the security got straight into panic mode. We gays can do so great things but sometimes we are so limited in our imagination.

Fortunately the gay scene in Berlin is not ashamed of being gay. Clubs like Kit Kat and Berghain have separated dark rooms, but if you feel like doing it right in the middle of the stage, nobody stops you or asks you why. Gays are sexual beings and exhibitionism at a gay party isn't regarded as a crime in Berlin - it's a gift for all who like to watch. And hey, almost every gay likes to watch dicks. I confess, I like it both: watching and playing in front of an audience. Sex is too much fun to be hidden behind a black curtain. And life is too short to be prude!

LIMAX was said to be "not a sex party". It was a whole life party. A party with great music to have fun, to meet friends, to talk, to laugh, to dance and (just if you liked) to have sex - everything in a relaxed atmosphere free of pressure and free of clothes. All in all a wonderful feeling that everyone should try. I really hope that it will set a precedent and that the hosts will do it again!

Limax Berlin - Nackt zu Techno tanzen

Umfrage: Würdest du an eine Tanzparty gehen, wo alle nackt sind?

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 Schade, daß ich terminlich nicht dabei sein konnte. Diese Parties sind auch GENAU MEINS! Aber es gibt Hoffnung: die Veranstalter waren wohl selbst überwältigt von 290 Besuchern und überlegen schon die Fortsetzung.vor 2 Jahren


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