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New English Forum opened

I am happy to welcome you to the English version of our News-Forum. You are welcome to post your comments to our articles and to start new threads in the category "Opinion" about everything that bothers you...

Most of the news and press releases we get are in German and that's why the content of the pages of both languages are different. If you are familiar with German too, also read the German page. You can post comments where ever you want but please maintain the language of the site.

After our member statistics 27% of you speak English. So we thought you deserve your own forum. Kindly excuse my poor English and don't hesitate to write!

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 It's great that you want to help me. So if you found a certain expression where I wrote something awful just drop me a message and I will correct it.
In general I opened up this forum in English that you guys from everywhere in the world can share your opinions about your Swiss experience or about things that other tourists visiting Zurich may interest. From time to time I will give you an overview about what's going on in town - the rest is open to you!16 years ago
 Hi, in town for a few weeks.. and your website is very useful. While my German (and Swiss German) is probably worse than your English so I can't (sensibly) translate stuff for you, I can probably act as an editor, and proof-read what you have written, to correct any grammar/spelling mistakes.

Let me know it you want to take me up on that.


16 years ago
 Not so easy to get around? I know that I will never be able to translate every content to English. But if you found some dead links or missleading navigation please tell me where and I'll gonna fix it. And because my mother tongue is German my English may be aweful for you to read. But I appreciate any corrections if you tell me where exactly the mistake can be found. Thanks!16 years ago
 i think this is a great site.. unfortunately is not very easy for english speaking guys to get around:_(
anyway it still a great site and i wish to share with all my visitors..
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love you all!16 years ago


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