Gay Lovemobile cancelled

The lovemobile of Bluestation, Labyrinth and Eventpower has been cancelled due to unsufficient funds and a promotor who withdrew his offer of reselling lots of tickets. Everybody who already paid will get his money back.

The big question is, why isn't it possible to find enough gays who are willing to pay 200 swiss francs for a ride on a lovemobile while almost every float of hetero organisors are booked out? Do Zurichs gays no longer want to be visible on a gay float? Is the gay lifestyle really dead?

Tell me your opinion!



Gay Lovemobile abgesagt!

Das Priscilla-Lovemobile von Bluestation, Labyrinth und Eventpower startet NICHT an der Street Parade! Nach Angabe von Ueli (Bluestation, Basel) wurde eine grosse Zahl von gebuchten Tickets eines Promotors nicht bezahlt. Die Finanzierung fiel somit ins Wasser und die drei Organisatoren zogen nun die Notbremse.
Den Teilnehmern, die den Unkostenbeitrag bereits eingezahlt haben wird dieser vollumfänglich zurückerstattet oder auf Wunsch ein ebenbürtiger Platz auf einem anderen Lovemobile vermittelt. Schaut in euer E-Mail! Die bereits entstandenen Kosten tragen die drei Organisatoren selbst.



Little party drug advisor

Next weekend is Street Parade in Zurich. And because this giant techno party is still a special occasion for many guys to take drugs we put here some useful advises:

First of all: Drugs are illegal - We don't recommend you to take'em!

But if you were working for the party scene for years you know that it's not that easy. In todays world almost everything that's fun is illegal - so many young guys don't really care about law because the government is far away and gives no answers to their daily questions of life. And "if you drive a car - you're standing with one foot in jail anyway."

It's obvious that there are many ways to chemically generate fantastic feelings in a human body that is naturally controlled by it's own chemicals. And we all know that many successful artists were famous for "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll". Drugs seem to be a big fun. So why not to be on drugs too?

The law differs between legal drugs like alcohol, chocolate, tv or cigarettes and illegal ones like cannabis, ecstasy, ketamine, cocaine, GHB and other. But in reality it's not just good and evil. If you eat tons of chocolate you will surely hurt your health more than if you just take one line of cocaine during lifetime.

In practice the limit between good and evil lies much more in the amount of what ever you take. Unfortunately no government tells you where exactly this limit is. The law just tells you to keep your hands off anything illegal like the pope tells you to be abstinent instead of using a condom. If you can obey the pope you don't have to read this article.

For those who will do drugs against better know of law and order, think of this list:

  • Cannabis is considered a "soft" but still illegal drug. You ruin your health similar as if you were smoking cigarettes. A weekly smoke may be relaxing but people who smoke joints daily won't give a damn about anything and sooner or later loose the job...
  • Ecstasy is the happy party drug that makes you love everybody. Unfortunately it's an advance of tomorrows happiness. So after one or two pills you will feel down the next day. It's proven that ecstasy hurts your brain and memory but nobody tells you if the harmless limit is half a pill per month or two pills a week. But more than that will surely make you stupid.
  • GHB is a liquid, that can make you incredibly horny. The bad thing is that the scope of dosage is extremely narrow. A little to much and you black out. Never ever take G if you do not have the possibility of exact mesurement. And never take it with or if you had alcohol before. GHB and alcohol caused a lot of deaths in the party scene! If you had G and don't feel it, don't take a second gulp - it may multiply half an hour later and you'll wake up in hospital...
  • Cocaine gives you the feeling of beeing a VIP. Unfortunately it's very addictive and when you started to take cocaine to be better at work or school it's almost to late. Because the white powder is never as pure as the dealer says you will get a lot of diseases of the diluents.
  • Alcohol is traditionally legal but also causes most of all social problems. A daily glass of red wine is considered healthy but if you drink almost a daily bottle you should think of a therapy!
  • Nicotine looks cool with John Wayne but if you look around who smokes and who tries to stop you know that it's not worth to begin.
  • Ketamine is a veterinary anaesthetic. It's no more used in human medicine because it can cause bad trips. Like all anaesthetics it always kills a few brain cells...

So whatever you do - don't overdo it! It's not true that every use of drugs automatically leads into a social disaster but it's true that it's a risky game. Be honest to yourself and always ask yourself if you can still have fun without or if you already feel the addiction taking control of your life...

More about party drugs: www.saferparty.ch


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Alles rund um die Gayszene in Zürich, Schweiz

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