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Labyrinth re-opening: light replaces erotic

Yesterday the Labyrinth-Club celebrated its new location with VIP guests and members. The new club architecture is very light, cold and stylish with light projections on white walls. There is no darkroom anymore and even the comfortable sofas have been thrown out. Everything infamous has been eliminated - only the music still sounds like before.

A detailed report can be found at Backflash.

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 For all who never saw the old venue: Labyrinth was the most famous Swiss gay club with a special combination of gay erotic and great progressive trance. It was a dark and sweaty atmosphere with plenty naked skin on the dancefloor. The atmosphere was very friendly, familiar and relaxed. The crowd was mostly gay but heteros and women were always welcome as long as they accepted our way of life.

The new opening at the fourth venue surprised everybody and shocked many of the club members with it's lightness and sterility. Labyrinth still called itself an "erotic dance palace" but all erotic was gone.

Nobody knew the reason of the change. The club was running great before and every Saturday night was full house. Did the police force the club owners to the new cleanliness or did they just intend to make the bigger money with a new crowd? The message to the club members was always: "everything comes good" but the walls stayed white and the club even cut away any mention of the word "gay" in it's advertising.

Four months later Labyrinth Club has again a darkroom, even if it's not men-only. But the former erotic disapeared. The crowd has changed. The early evening belongs to heteros while gays come later in the morning. We think that the owners try to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds: They advertise for the mainstream to attract new women and lifestyle heteros while they appease the old gay members. Because there is no rival in business the idea may work for the moment but nobody is really happy with it.16 years ago


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Alles rund um die Gayszene in Zürich, Schweiz

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