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Police closed Labyrinth Club

It should have been a glorious 13th birthday party but one hour after door opening the police closed the club after they found 30 drug portions (ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, marihuana) in the staff rooms. The boss was arrested and also his appartment was searched. The party guests told us that they could leave the club without beeing searched but the police found another 50 portions of drugs thrown away on the floor of the club.

The police raid strikes the club very hard on its biggest event. Zurichs party people are badly remembered of last years drug raids at the clubs Spider Galaxy, Q and Dachkantine.

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 Kjell, ich kann deine Ansicht vollkommen teilen. Seitdem Esther Maurer in der Regierung wirkt, bläst ein rauher Wind über das damals liberale Zürich, insbesondere über die schwule Szene. Selbstverständlich werden auch andere Lokale von der Polizei untersucht aber der Verdacht liegt nahe dass es dabei mehr um Diversion geht. Auf dem Punkt zu kommen, handelt es sich hier meiner Meinung nach um Schwulfeindlichkeit und Drogen sind einfach ein gute Ausrede.
Wie lange werden wir zuschauen? Damals hatten die Schwulen mehr Mut und standen zu Ihrer Kultur. Wie war es denn in dieser Bar am Christopher Street in New York?
16 years ago
 It's not good to take drugs and if you are a club manager you should go ahead with a good example. But otherwise men are not machines and men need a little freedom to exist. In every club there are people taking drugs. But are they really the enemy no one? Most of them just have a good time and don't harm anybody else. Some of them do their work in important positions and honestly pay their taxes.

Every man in Switzerland has the right to smoke and to get drunk. But is this really the better way to relax after a busy week? Alcohol causes much more pain than any other drug but it's legal. Five years ago the Street Parade had the image of a big ecstasy party but it was a peaceful event with lots of people in love. Now everybody gets drunk instead of taking happy pills. The result: aggression and brawls.

Since 2005 Zurich follows a "zero tolerance" politics - not only against party people. Also parking fines and speed traps are placed in a way to catch more good guys than real criminals. We think this is definetly the wrong way because it only leads into a criminalisation of honest people and into a growing hate against police and government. Police was once meant to serve and to protect. So please fight the bad guys and not the good ones!16 years ago


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