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Good Bye Labyrinth @ Lotusclub

After a great Street Parade party at Volkshaus the famous party organizer "Labyrinth" is homeless.

Since 2006 Labyrinth owned a great venue at Pfingstweidstrasse. Then the hosts decided to sell it and to build a much bigger new club. But the new venue all in white was not at all the taste of the gay party szene and after one year the new Labyrinth was bankrupt. Because the two Pakistani who bought the old Laby were not successful in transforming the club into a mediterranean Lounge called Lotusclub, Labyrinth came 2007 back to its former home, but now only as a leaser. There was always a dispute about the parties. The owner of Lotus wanted to make money and the hosts of Laby accused them to let the club into a mess.

Now the owners of Lotus quit the contract with Labyrinth and decided to host their own partys. The crowd believed the hosts of Labyrinth and spent the last night not at Lotus but at Volkshaus and Escherwyss-Club (after hour). But also the Labyrinth after hour was disappointing: Labyrinth promised a playground for all sexual phantasies but when we entered the club there was no place where any sexual actions were allowed.

Finally we have again the situation that there is no sex at Zurich's gay parties. This time it's not the fault of the government but it's the fault of the gays who are unable to find a location where gays are accepted as homoSEXUALS and not only as cashcows.

We all hope that Labyrinth will find a new venue, but as we know from the hosts of SHAFT it's not easy to find a place in prude Zurich where you can host hot events for gay men. For all who are looking for a club with a darkroom, there's only one left: Club Aaah! at Niederdorfstrasse. Aaah has only a small dancefloor but it's the only gay owned venue in Zurich City.

Poll: Zurich needs a new venue for erotic gay dance parties and labels like Shaft and Labyrinth. Do you know a solution?

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