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It's something going on in Zurich's gay scene!

Laby 1
After the Labyrinth quit the Lotus club life came to a stop. The Laby team enthused in Volkshaus and disappointed at the after-hour with neglecting their promises. JIM is over - Laby is over - the death of the scene? Do we have to stay at home now to express solidarity with Labyrinth? But there is still the T&M, the Aaah! and the after-hours at Stairs, even if it used to be less gay than others.

3 gays stepped first into the adventure of hosting a new party series. Their idea is to come for new DJs from international known gay parties e.g. Steven Redant (LaDemence/Greenkomm). Chris, Béat and Thomas chose the venue Loop38: a beautiful, smaller club at Albulastrasse 38, that was opened some years ago by the former Spider-Galaxy crew. Starting at October 3rd, there will be now every first Saturday of the month a good reason to party. Yepaa!

At Europride Zürich had it's forst men only fetish dance party after Berlins archetype. Just the rustic venue was not so wow that time. The hosts were looking for a different room and finally found it at Lotus. Every two months there will be a leather party now. But bad timing: it's also the first Saturday of the month starting at October 3rd.

The best men's night (my personal opinion) was lookin for a new venue for years. No club owner wanted to give the Saturday night to a strict men's party. But then Lotus was free. And the Shaft crew reserved - when could it be - the first Saturday of the alternating months. Start at November 7, also with a star dj from Bruxelles!

Laby 2
The Laby crew watched their followers set forth and had to react. Nobody knows if they already have found a new club - on there homepage there is only a "coming soon" remark. But since yesterday there is also a date: October 3rd! - A direct challange to their rivals. For Labyrinth it's clear: There can be only one! Even if two long-time members ask for a guestbook entry to invite their friends to a free private party in the mean time. No mercy for all other party hosts!

While four organisers battle for the first Saturday, Treibstoff (=carburant) catch the last Saturday every month at Lotus. The line-up with dj Mental-X, Juiceppe and Thomi B sounds promising and we look forward to a great new party series!
CelestialAnd now the latest news of today: Every third Saturday, that's October 17 and November 21 the friends Thomi B and Colin start a new party-series with Progressive, Goa and Trance. On the turn-tabels at October 17: Thomi B and Michael K., well known as the dream team of the old former Labyrinth.

The move-out of Labyrinth really moved Zurich. Even not the way the hosts of Laby intended. The future will show which of the new events will be successful. Innovative ideas are in demand. The party people face a new great plurality. We wish you, and all hosts who start with sympathy and care about the needs of the gay scene, big success and funtastic gay nights in Zurich!

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 Yes, the club is open. Check the agenda for events.13 years ago
 Is this open now, love to go, very close to my heart.13 years ago


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