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Welcome at GaYmeCHAT by ZURIGAY: Gaychat, Gamechat, Chatgame!
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The chat for gays, queers, fags, cocksuckers and all who want to join them!


An online game as a parody to gay life. Play the game as a virgin, a bartender or a party slut and try to satisfy the needs of your avatar. Your alter ego can not only walk, jump and dance - it can also jerk off, suck dicks and fuck around if it get's horny. But be aware, it has a live of its own!


The chat for gays from Zurich and all over the world. Meet new friends and chat in a new dimension with movements, mimics and words.

The GaYmeCHAT belongs to the ZURIGAY-Online Magazine and requires just the Flash Player 7.
You are welcome to chat anonymously as our guest or you can open for free a profile at ZURIGAY where your chat data can be saved.
We wish you big fun at the craziest gaychat of the world!

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