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The age of consent in Switzerland is 16. Sex with minors is illegal if the age difference is more than 3 years!

Prostitution is forbidden under 18.

In case of pornography the Swiss penal law differentiates between hard pornography (Sex with minors under 18, animals, force and human excrements) and soft pornography (Sex and pictures of genitals with an inteded erotic effect).

Hard pornography is in principle forbidden. Soft porn pictures must be protected from minors, even if these want to see the things. A bare warning reference is not thus sufficient.

Only pictures that do not show genitals and erotic poses and images with a higher artistic value do not count as pornography.


Every user at gaYmeBoys is asked for his true birth date when applying for membership. The minimal age is 16. Users under 18 don't get a sex page in their profile and are not allowed to upload nude pictures.

All uploaded user pictures must be rated right after upload by the user. The system uses this declaration to make X-rated content only visible to adult Top-Members which proved their age by a credit card payment (credit cards are only issued to adults). The editorship checks all new uploaded pictures again to find wrong declarations in least possible time. Aditionally there are links near every picture or gallery to report wrong ratings.

In a real time chat world and community it's not possible to check all text messages and it would also be a breach of our privacy rules to read your personal messages without a strong suspicion. But if you should know about adult members who obviously try to find sex with minors, about callboys unter 18 or about other minors who deliberately try to get sex with adults, we would ask you to report it to us using the contact form.


The protection of children and young people from abuse is very important to us. The seduction from persons under age to sexual actions is an extremely heavy offence, since juvenileness or a dependence is here usually used inconsiderately, what can heavily damage the natural relationship to the child's own sexuality.

Unfortunately the legislation tends however to generally condemn sex after the American model. While irreverent murdering of opponents in computer games is legally achievable for young people, any kind of erotism is extremely limited. The fact that amicable sex between two partners can be very beautiful, loving and considerationful goes down thereby completely. The most important thing with good sex is to anticipate the desires of ones partner and not to play a selfish person like in an egoshooter.

Who develops a natural relationship to sex and nudity and also has the occasion to experience the beautiful sides of sex does not need to hassle defenseless minors with his suppressed feelings. A naturally lived sexuality cultivates the inner balance and social authority. Young persons should have the possibility of exploring their sexuality freely to collect impressions and define themselves thereby. It's not important what the society thinks about sex. with the Sex is nevertheless that all involved ones have their fun and not which thinks the society of it. It's important that all involved persons enjoy a wonderful experience!

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