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Switzerland: Smoking ban in all clubs, bars, restaurants

Today you can enjoy your last cigarette. From tomorrow on there is a nation wide smoking ban in all public places. But it's not all the same in all Swiss cantons. You can smoke in a closed smokers lounge (fumoir) which is in some cantons with and in others without service. Some cantons allow smoking in very small venues when it's marked as a smoker's bar. In canton Zurich this exception is not possible.

From Saturday, 1. May 2010 on, most of the gay places in Zurich will be a smoke free zone. If you don't know what to do with your free hand we suggest to unzip your pants and play with your dick. Wanking is (unless for Catholics) healthy and much more fun to do and to look at than smoking. So we are looking forward for great parties with many horny guys beating their meat ;-)



New Parties in Zurich

Hey party people! Zurich is back!
After our party scene suffered for years under prude police regulations we can finally and proudly say: we are back at the top and Zurich is surely worth a city trip for all gay circuit boys.

But don't understand me wrong. It's not the free and happy drug shopping party like before all the police raids. We are still under observation and party drugs are still very illegal - so please don't go to a club and take a line on the coffee table.

What I mean is that we have our rights back to live out our homosexuality at the gay parties. Nobody cares anymore about how a darkroom entrance must be constructed to avoid sperm drops flying into someones drink. And now also the club owners realised that there is no need to make the security people preventing gays from sucking dicks.

For all of you who love the kind of gay parties with hot sweaty bodies, sexual atmosphere but also great sound and happiness on the dancefloor. You are right back in Zurich. The best parties now are Shaft and Testosteron (both men only) and Selection or Celestial at Lotusclub. The music in Zurich is a bit more progressive than the usual tec house style that you can find at La Demence but it's not as hard as the minimal techno of Berghain Berlin.

Also at Loop38 there are two fine gay parties called Flexx and Revolution. A bit smaller than the ones at Lotus but also great music!

Definetly a must is the Zurich Pride Festival this year from June 3 till 6. You can buy a party pass for all clubs during this event. The parade is at June 5 and its just at the lake - the same route like the Street Parade.

You'll find all clubs in our guide and all dates in our agenda.
Have fun!


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Alles rund um die Gayszene in Zürich, Schweiz

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